3 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Fresh

Your car is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. And it's at its best when it's clean, bright, and as spotless as the day it rolled off the lot. When you take excellent care of your car, it not only will last you longer, but its trade-in value will be higher. Here are three tips for keeping your car looking great throughout the years from your trusted dealers at Byers Volkswagen.

The Devil is in the Details
When we clean the interior of our car, we can often forget about the small nooks and crannies, such as door handles and window latches. When cleaning your vehicle, pay close attention to the little details. The dirtier they get, the more noticeable they will become

Be Wary of Where You Park
If you don’t continuously keep your vehicle stored in a garage for safekeeping, be mindful of where you park it. When left under direct sunlight, the UV rays can make paint luster fade. Sap from trees can eat away at your car’s interior, as can bird droppings. Also check for ice and snow during the winter. These hazards can easily damage your roof, hood, and windshield.

Clean When Dirty
If your vehicle is covered in dirt, dust, and grime, it’s time for a good cleaning. You can either take your car to a professional car wash or easily do it at home with a bucket of warm, soapy water and a soft sponge

At Byers Volkswagen, we want your car always looking and performing in peak condition. To get a tune-up, contact our Byers Volkswagen service department. Contact us now to see how you can get your car in tip-top condition without paying tons of money!

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