Fall is Right around the Corner! Get Your Car Ready!

When the temperature gets brisk and the leaves begin to turn color, the weather isn’t the only thing that changes. While you may not associate fall as the prime time to get an oil change, it is a great season to get your preventative maintenance checklist in order. It’s much smarter to get your car a tune-up when the weather is mild and less threatening.

Here are five things you should do to get your car in tip-top shape. And our Columbus, OH Volkswagen service center can help! 

1.    Have our automotive service specialists do a thorough check of all of your fluid levels, including oil and coolant. If anything is low, get it changed.

2.    Get your battery tested to ensure it is working efficiently. If it needs replaced, Byers Volkswagen can get the job done without hassle or complications.

3.    Our team will inspect your windshield wipers. Bitter weather can wreak havoc on your rubber blades, so make sure you’re ready for winter with quality all-weather wipers. While you’re at it, have us fill your wiper reservoir with the proper type of windshield fluid for harsh temperatures.

4.    Check your tires. Have us examine them for proper inflation, tread, and alignment. Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that has complete access to the road, and a bad tire can put you and other drivers in major danger. If your tires are worn, replace them now before winter arrives

5.    Take care of your exterior! Apply a high-grade wax to protect it from snow, sleet, and ice.

Fall is the best time to make sure your Volkswagen vehicle is ready for the roads ahead. Contact Byers Volkswagen service department to schedule your tune-up today!

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