Volkswagen's New Sustainability Efforts

We recently highlighted the Volkswagen brand's innovative electric ID concept car. The shift towards electric, zero-emissions vehicles is just part of the automaker's sustainability efforts. It also wants to make the process of shipping cars greener, and it plans to start doing just that by using a different kind of carrier ships starting in 2019.

Here at Byers Volkswagen, we're proud to display these amazing Volkswagen cars in our showroom. But did you ever wonder about how a vehicle travels from a factory to a dealership? Surely you've seen the occasional truck carrying some cars on the highway, but when you bring vehicles across the ocean, you need a large carrier ship that can transport thousands of cars at a time. Traditionally, automakers use diesel-powered ships to move their precious cargo, but Volkswagen reps had another idea. A few years from now, the auto manufacturer plans to use two different carrier ships, both of which can transport up to 4,500 vehicles, that are powered by liquefied natural gas in an effort to reduce emissions.

Natural gas-powered carriers offer a number of advantages over the customary diesel-powered ships. These LNG ships will emit up to 25 percent less carbon dioxide and up to 30 percent less nitrogen oxide as they transport vehicles like the Volkswagen Jetta from Europe to North America. These ships also produce less particulate matter, up to 60 percent less, and offer a massive reduction in sulfur oxide emissions, making the whole shipping process far more sustainable.

We're excited to see what other kinds of green initiatives the Volkswagen brand takes on. If you want to buy a vehicle that makes you feel good about your carbon footprint, visit our Volkswagen dealership near Westerville, OH and check out our showroom. Whether you're looking for a new or used Volkswagen vehicle, our friendly dealers will help you find the car of your dreams.We'll see you soon!

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