How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip from Byers Volkswagen

Who says summer is the perfect time for road trips? With the leaves changing colors to brilliant hues of yellow, red, and orange, a crisp tinge to the air, and roadways free of summer vacationers, fall is the ideal time to plan a road trip. Here is how to prepare for the perfect road trip from Byers Volkswagen.

Plan Your Route and Stops before Leaving
You may know your endpoint, but deciding on the route to get there along with stops can really depend on your travel style. If you’re a leisurely driver who likes the scenic views, consider taking backroads. For folks who just want to get to their destination sooner, opt for highways. Knowing where you’re going ahead of time results in a happy driver and happy passengers.

Have a Solid Budget
Between snack stops, toll money, and gas, the expenses can really add up fast. It helps to formulate a budget before you hit the road. Designate a certain amount of money for food, gas, and tolls. It also helps to look for ways to save some cash, such as packing your own snacks or gassing up at the most affordable gas stations.

Get Your Ride Ready
Ensure your car is safe for the long drive ahead by changing the oil, examining the tires, and filling up on all fluids. Take your car into our Volkswagen service center to have our automotive experts guarantee everything is in tip-top shape.

Pack like a Pro
Now that your car is set and your budget is planned, it’s time to breathe the air of the open road. You just need to do one more thing before hitting the pavement – pack. Write a list of all of the essentials you need for the trip to make things easier. Consolidate and pack your bags to maximum capacity to give you and your passengers more room in the car. And remember; only bring the things you’ll really think you’ll need. This will not only save you room, but gas mileage as well.

Happy travels!

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