Sometimes, you just need to travel off the beaten path and escape into the unknown with just your vehicle and whatever you can fit in the trunk. For these occasions, there’s the Volkswagen Atlas. The Volkswagen Atlas is an amazing vehicle that has a number of powertrain capabilities. These capabilities make it a great choice for anyone that’s wild at heart.

The Volkswagen Atlas has a fairly solid fuel economy for an SUV. It offers drivers 17 mpg of city driving and 23 mpg of highway driving. This totals a combined fuel economy of 19 mpg. The vehicle runs on regular, unleaded fuel and has an 18.6 L fuel capacity.

The Volkswagen Atlas comes fully equipped with a 3.6L, 276 hp engine. This engine is located in the front of the vehicle and has variable valve control. The Volkswagen Atlas is an all-wheel drive vehicle with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle also features 266 lb-ft @ 2,750 RPM. This gives the Volkswagen Atlas the power to get through whatever is in its path.

The Volkswagen Atlas is a great SUV that is perfect for anyone who likes to run on the wild side. The Atlas has a number of great powertrain capabilities that make it a great choice for a number of drivers. From it’s powerful engine to torque capabilities, this Volkswagen SUV has you covered.

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