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Make Driving a Breeze With the Volkswagen Golf

Driving should be one of the most enjoyable things that you do and yet many outdated vehicles are making it much more of a hassle than it should be. With the many convenient features included in the Volkswagen Golf, your driving can be one of the simplest things in your life.
Easily Connect to Your Vehicle Anytime
For most vehicles, you have to be sitting inside of it in order to find any information about it. This can be a hassle for people trying to remember if they locked the vehicle or those who are just trying to figure out which parking lot they left it in. 

With the Golf, all of this information and more is available through the handy Volkswagen Car-Net Security & Service feature. Simply open up the app on your phone and you will be able to get all kinds of up-to-date information on your vehicle.

When it does come time to enter your vehicle, even that is made much easier, thanks to the keyless access and push-button start. Leave the keys in your pocket while you effortlessly do things like unlock and lock the door, and turn the vehicle both on and off.
Stop Worrying About the Weather
Changing weather conditions can be a challenge for some drivers because they add an entirely new set of things they have to worry about when driving. With the assortment of helpful driving features in the Golf, you will not have to worry about this ever again.

If the rain starts pouring while you are on the road, then simply activate the rain-sensing windshield wipers. They will work tirelessly to keep your windshield looking spotless so that you can always see what is ahead. 

For those long drives that start when the sun is up and continue until after it has set, the Golf’s lighting features will really come in handy. Its automatic headlights can detect when some additional lighting is needed and will automatically turn on to give you the visibility that you need.

Stop allowing your driving to be a chore. Instead, get the Volkswagen Golf which comes with a wide array of features to make you enjoy driving again.
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