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Take Control of Your Driving With Volkswagen Beetle

Driving requires that drivers pay attention to numerous things at once. They need to stay in control of what lies ahead of them, if they are in the center of their lane, whether or not there are any vehicles in their blind spot, and many other factors as well. This can quickly become overwhelming, which is why the Volkswagen Beetle comes with several handy features that work hard to help drivers remain aware of everything that is going on in and around their vehicle.

Staying Aware of Other Vehicles

When driving in heavy traffic, there are often hundreds of other vehicles nearby who are all driving alongside you and pose potential risks to the wellbeing of your vehicle. It is not uncommon for one of those vehicles to sneak into your vehicle’s blind spot without you noticing. If you attempt to do a lane change while a vehicle is hiding in your blind spot, then it will result in an ugly collision.

Luckily, the Beetle comes equipped with Blind Spot Monitor, which uses sensors to detect if any vehicles or other objects are in the vehicle’s blind spot. If the system does detect a vehicle when the driver turns on their signal light to make a lane change, then it will alert the driver.

Parking With Ease

Once you arrive at your destination, it is time to park the vehicle, which can be another stressful time. However, the Beetle eliminates the stress of parking thanks to two of its incredibly helpful features.

The first one is the Park Distance Control (Park Pilot) feature, which uses multiple sensors and a series of audible beeps to warn the driver of when they are getting close. This eliminates the stress of having to worry about how much room you have left.

When it comes time to back out of the parking space, the Rear Traffic Alert feature will be there to help out. Not only does this feature monitor other vehicles and warn the driver when they are approaching while the vehicle is in reverse, but it can also automatically brake to help avoid backing into a vehicle or pedestrian.

Put yourself in full control of your driving by purchasing the Volkswagen Beetle today.

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