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Volkswagen Jetta Is Always Prepared for the Worst

Your safety is never something that should be taken for granted while driving. The Volkswagen Jetta is a firm believer in this, which is why it utilizes some of the most capable safety features on the market to create a ride that is safer than ever before.

Built to Block Damage

Before the Jetta has ever even finished being built, it is already equipped to handle an accident thanks to its strategic safety cage design. By including both front and rear crumple zones, the vehicle is able to efficiently absorb the energy generated from a crash. It can then use the rigid safety cage built into the vehicle body to help deflect this energy away from you and your passengers. This helps minimize the chances of serious injuries occurring during a collision.

Acting in the Face of Danger

The first few seconds after a crash has occurred are some of the most vital. This is because if certain steps are not taken, then you and your passengers have a much higher chance of being put in further danger. That is why the Jetta uses the Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) in order to automatically initiate a sequence of events upon impact.


Once the airbags have been deployed, the ICRS begins to automatically unlock all of the doors, shut off the vehicle's fuel pump, and activate its hazard lights. So, even if you have been knocked unconscious or are just disoriented from the crash, the vehicle will take action to help keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible.

Preventing Further Damage

Just because a vehicle has been involved in a collision, this does not necessarily mean that it will come to a full stop right away. Sometimes, the vehicle might continue with its momentum and put itself in danger of hitting someone else.


That is why the Jetta includes the Automatic Post-Collision Braking system in order to help eliminate this threat. Once a collision has occurred, the vehicle will automatically apply the brakes in order to slow the vehicle down and significantly reduce the chances of getting into an additional accident.


Make sure that the safety of you and your loved ones is always put first by purchasing the Volkswagen Jetta today.

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