Whether you are doing your daily commute to work or going on a weekend adventure, you need your vehicle to be able to handle anything that you have planned. That is why you need a model like the Volkswagen Jetta, which uses its many incredible performance features to help ensure that it is capable of effortlessly adapting to a wide variety of conditions.

Tight Cornering

Going around some corners can be particularly challenging, especially when driving in poor weather. Because of the significant weight changes that are occurring, it can be difficult for some drivers to maintain full control of their vehicle when going around a sharp turn.


That is why the Jetta offers the available Cross Differential System XDS®, which is able to provide far more accurate cornering. It does this by automatically applying additional brake pressure to the inside front wheel during a turn whenever the vehicle determines that it is necessary.

Choose Your Driving Mode

Rather than just forcing you to use a single driving mode the entire time that is only capable of small adjustments, the Jetta makes sure to offer you several driving modes to choose from. Each of these modes is designed for a very specific set of circumstances. It is able to do this with its available Driving Mode Selection system.


Offering four different driving modes, the vehicle truly is able to instantly adapt to any driving situation. Switching between the Eco, Normal, Sport, and Custom mode is as easy as pressing a button. The vehicle will instantly adjust several different elements of its performance, including its torque and gear shifting to deliver the exact experience that you are looking for.


Make sure that you are always prepared for whatever life throws at you by purchasing the extremely versatile Volkswagen Jetta today.

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