There is a sense of style and fun that comes with owning a vehicle from a brand like Volkswagen. This iconic brand has changed a lot over the years, and yet it remains the same in offering premium vehicles that serve the desires of drivers who are ready to hit the open road. The Volkswagen Atlas is one of the models newer to the lineup, but it doesn’t lack in any way because of it.


The Atlas is available in both two-row and three-row options, with seating for five to seven and premium interior materials used on every model. You'll also find the option to fold the rear seats down for additional cargo space and storage. Whether you’re loading up for a big camping trip or just packing the family in to go out to dinner, this crossover will be able to keep up with whatever you need.

Affordable Pricing

VW is also notorious for its affordable pricing, even on new models that come to market. The Atlas is one that was designed for value, giving you more for your money and offering a vehicle that will be low-cost to maintain over the years. No matter what model year you choose, or whether you buy new or used, you can trust that you’ll get everything that you love from VW without having to spend a small fortune.

Safety Ratings

Volkswagen is always leading the way in safety, including with the Atlas, which has been ranked at the top of its class for multiple model years. The IIHS even named the 2018 incarnation a Top Safety Pick, and the models since have only continued to get better. There is more standard safety in the Atlas than other crossover SUVs, and the available upgrades are also quite impressive. Plus, this safety and reliability carries through to every Atlas model year and trim that is available.

Performance Comes Standard

There are so many trims available, but they all include one thing: impressive engine performance. Available engines include a four-cylinder model and a V6 engine, and the next generation is going to continue to capitalize on engine technology to improve its offering and ensure that everyone gets the ride that they deserve. When you choose a crossover, that doesn’t mean you should (or need to) compromise on performance and power. The Atlas proves that, and then some.

Evolving to Meet Your Needs

With six different trim levels available, the VW Atlas truly has something for just about everyone. The model has been redesigned since its inception, but all of them feature a unique, stylish silhouette that lets everyone know that a Volkswagen is coming their way. Whether you’re in it for the style, the performance, or the everyday driving comfort, the Atlas should be on your list.

Take a test drive in the VW Atlas today and see what features you fall in love with first. From the sleek styling to the premium handling and all the creature comforts in between, there’s a reason this model is consistently at the top of its class. In fact, there are plenty.

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