Volkswagen has been changing the way people drive for decades. Ever since the 1970s, when they became famous for the likes of the VW Beetle and the famous Bus, the brand has been working hard to create fun family cars that are designed for the long haul. The Atlas is a crossover SUV that is available in a variety of configurations, offering third-row seating to give you passenger room for up to seven people.

With that much space, this car is a no-brainer for your next family getaway. This mid-size SUV has been on the market since 2017 and is answering the call of the growing demand for crossovers. People enjoy these vehicles because they offer the best benefits of a car and an SUV, giving you a solid unibody frame that’s going to offer a more comfortable ride, as well as the utility features that you love out of the SUV design.

Family Fun and Infotainment

The Atlas has been offering infotainment and other interior tech since its debut, focusing on providing useful tools but also giving people entertainment options on the go. That's part of what makes this a great choice for your next family getaway—the cabin is all about relaxing and having fun on the ride. With a host of trim options and available upgrades, you can find plenty of ways to get the fun car that you want for your family, no matter what you have in mind.

Performance and Safety

This five-door SUV features front-wheel and all-wheel drive options, along with multiple engine configurations and eight-speed transmissions in almost every model. It gives you the chance to mix and match to create the perfect combination of safety and performance on the road, with impressive crash test and safety ratings in even the sportiest models.

Speaking of sport, part of the performance of the Atlas is that there are sport options available that feature just two rows of seating and a sleeker exterior profile for those who don’t need all the extra space or just want something that looks a little more unique. VW also has a host of safety features packed into this crossover, giving every driver peace of mind no matter what they might be looking for.

Hit the Road with the Whole Family

Having a great family road trip starts with having the right vehicle for the job. The VW Atlas crossover SUV seems to live up to the demand, offering a host of family-friendly features and premium performance features that make it great for the long haul. Plus, it offers reasonable fuel economy for its class and ensures that everyone can spend less time worrying about the drive and more time enjoying the journey, which is really what Volkswagen is all about.

If you are in the market for a reliable, spacious family vehicle that will be great for daily driving and summer getaways alike, the VW Atlas might be just what you need. It has top safety ratings, plenty of interior space, and the latest in infotainment and technology to keep everyone engaged and keep you safe, no matter where you roam.

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