Individuals who are searching for an SUV often prioritize certain factors. A mid-sized crossover SUV should offer excellent ride quality for the driver and passengers, which the Volkswagen Tiguan does. On top of that, this vehicle has an elegant but sporty style that will appeal to many kinds of people. The Tiguan is also reasonably priced, offers plenty of technology, and doesn’t eat up gas like some other SUVs on the market.


Ride Quality for Everyone in the SUV


If ride quality is something that tops your priorities when shopping for an SUV, you can’t do much better than the VW Tiguan. Even when you’re driving over rough terrain, it has a suspension system that can absorb the impact. It’s also designed to work well for commuting to the office every day or for weekend excursions that the entire family takes part in. There are different wheel options so you can customize according to your needs, but all options provide a ride that everyone will enjoy.


An Exterior That Promises Style and Class


Those who are familiar with the Volkswagen Atlas will find that some of the style from that vehicle has been transferred into the smaller Tiguan. The design is distinctly contemporary with a style that will look great even decades down the line. There are several trim lines to choose from, some of which draw attention and others that are more understated. This European crossover SUV also comes in a selection of colors, including unique hues like habanero orange metallic, dark moss green metallic, and cardinal red metallic.


The Potential for Adventure Through All-Wheel Drive


Since the Tiguan from Volkswagen offers an all-wheel drive, that means you don’t have to stick to highways and streets. It’s an excellent choice for handling lousy weather since it provides a snow mode to prevent spinning. It also has the capability to speed down trails caked in mud without any issues. Another feature of this SUV is the ample ground clearance, which complements the off-road setting you can use when you’re having a good time. Each will help you handle even the worst road conditions.


Lots of Space to Take You Down the Road with Ease


The Tiguan is one of the more popular family vehicles in its class with plenty of space in the second row for friends and family members who are riding with you. The seats in the front are also comfortable for the driver and navigator even for long drives. The storage area in the back has been maximized to ensure you can travel with everything you need. On top of that, the vehicle offers roof rails that can hold canoes and other outdoor gear.


Hit the Road in Style and Comfort with the Volkswagen Tiguan


With so much going for it, the Volkswagen Tiguan is an excellent choice for all sorts of different drivers. It’s both elegant and sporty, all in one stylish vehicle. If you’re ready to see what it’s capable of, all you have to do is go to a dealership and take a test drive. Take a spin around town and think about how great it would be to have this SUV in your garage waiting for you every morning.

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