The Volkswagen Passat is a family sedan that gets a decent amount of attention, even if it’s not shattering records and breaking the mold in its class. In fact, Volkswagen is a brand that many prefer because they aren’t always trying to upgrade and outdo the competition. They find what drivers like and they stick with it; they understand that reliability means a lot in today’s constantly changing world. The Passat comes in several trim options, and various model years all have their own specs to consider, but the bottom line is that it can be a great family car for those who want something dependable and straightforward.


Volkswagen Knows what Families Need


If you’re looking for family features, here’s what you’ll find in the Passat.


·      Safety: The Passat comes standard with several driver assist and active tech safety features that will keep everyone safer on the road. There are also available upgrades to premium tech and safety packages, with advanced SEL trim models featuring robust safety packages that don’t skimp on anything.


·      Performance: The Passat offers a powertrain that is punchy and fun, giving you a chance to get a fun ride that still delivers the fuel economy you want. It might not do as well as some cars in the midsize class when it comes to MPG ratings, but when you compare what you’re getting, it’s a decent trade for the performance features. For family road trips or just trips across town, this model delivers with a standard automatic transmission and an engine that is turbocharged to deliver a little more than the average sedan.


·      Reliability: Volkswagen ranks at the top of its class for reliability in all the vehicles that it designs, including premium warranties and additional benefits for owners to ensure that all drivers enjoy peace of mind out on the road. When you’re looking for a family car, having the backing of a reliable brand can make all the difference. Volkswagen takes pride in taking care of its drivers and its vehicles, and families appreciate this when choosing their next family car.


·      Interior Comforts: In addition to seating for five, the Passat also offers comfortable materials and plenty of unique interior features. The infotainment system is standard, but delivers everything that drivers need, nonetheless. In addition to standard LATCH systems for child seats, there’s also plenty of trunk space, and upgraded interior comforts are available on premium trims.


Take the Family for a Test Drive


These are just a few of the things you’ll notice when you get behind the wheel of the Passat. It's a great family sedan that’s priced right and offers something for just about everyone. Whether you buy new or used, you get the peace of mind that you’re buying a Volkswagen. With more standard features for the money, the Passat continues to impress and be an unexpected winner for people who want something different in their next family vehicle. Check it out for yourself and see why families are falling in love with the Volkswagen Passat.

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