Retired Courtesy Vehicles From Byers Volkswagen In Columbus, OH


When you're looking for a used car you can really trust, consider a used loaner vehicle from our team at Byers Volkswagen! When our customers need alternate means of transportation while their car is getting service, we can provide loaner vehicles so life continues on uninterrupted. As we get new models from Volkswagen, we rotate the old models out -- and make them available for purchase at an exceptional price! Unlike merely pre-owned cars, courtesy vehicles from Byers have only been owned by us! That means you can trust they've been taken care of correctly, and only driven on light errands around town. Best of all, since they're only one or two model years old, you still get best-in-class features, safety and technology. Come speak with an associate at Byers and see why a retired courtesy vehicle might be the right choice for your next car.