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When you think of a "used" or preloved vehicle, you probably relate this to models that were once owned by someone else that were either sold to our lot or returned at the end of a lease period. But there are some used vehicles that only spend a short time with different drivers; these gems of a used car are former loaner vehicles. When you have your vehicle serviced, sometimes loaner cars or SUVs are available during the service period for brief intervals. These loaners are lightly used and regularly cleaned and inspected as they rotate between multiple families and drivers. Although these are retired vehicles, they are some of the best used models on the market. At Byers Volkswagen we pride ourselves on offering top quality vehicles even when it comes to used models. As new courtesy models become available, the older ones are put up for sale and retired. These retired vehicles are very reasonably priced, and since they were only ever owned by the dealership, you can rest assured that they are lightly driven and well taken care of. And since most of these retired vehicles are only a year or two old, you're still benefiting from the best-in-class technology, safety, and comfort. If you want to see a previous loaner car in action, stop by Byers Volkswagen and see what great condition these rides are still in.

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When you've got places to be, reliability is key. With head-turning German engineering, unquestionable curves and style lines on the body, and a powerhouse of performance and driver assist enhancements, a Volkswagen vehicle is hard to beat. And at Byers Volkswagen we not only offer great options for a car or SUV, but we make the experience a fun one with great service every step of the way. We'll work for you to find the model of your dreams all while keeping with your lifestyle and managing your budget. Ready to give German mechanics a spin? Stop in and visit us at 379 North Hamilton Road in Columbus, OH. We can't wait to help outfit you with a vehicle that will enhance your everyday drive or thrill-seeking side.