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Did you know you can return a leased Volkswagen to any authorized VW dealer? When the term is up on your VW lease, we invite you to Byers Volkswagen to complete your lease quickly and painlessly. If you'd like to purchase the vehicle outright, our talented finance experts will be happy to work with you. And if it's time to lease another Volkswagen, you'll be glad you chose Byers! Our huge inventory, ongoing new car special offers and warm, friendly sales team will make sure you find the car that's right for you at a payment that's right for your budget.

Perhaps you got burned by the other dealership, or their service department didn't impress you. You don't have to go back! And if you've moved house or you traveled a great distance away for a great deal, there's no need to venture all the way back just to return your car. Just visit Byers Volkswagen instead.

Learn what your options are at the end of your lease at Byers Volkswagen

To Purchase Outright or Return and Lease Another VW? That is the Question

When you're 90 days out from the end of your lease, it's time to start thinking about what has to happen before you return your car. First, you've got to decide if you'll purchase the car outright, or return it.

If you choose to return it, your vehicle will need to be inspected. This is to ensure you cared for the car as called for in the owner's manual and in the lease terms. The vehicle will be checked for signs of excess wear-and-tear -- things like damaged fenders and body panels, rips in upholstery and unaddressed dashboard warning lights.

If you'd like to purchase the car outright, you'll want to speak with our finance team about financing the outstanding value of the vehicle. Of course, if you plan to own the car, there's no need for an inspection and no additional fees will need to be processed.

Wear and Tear Guidelines

If you choose to return your car, you may be charged additional fees for excess wear-and-tear. Body dents and dings smaller than two inches, minor scuffs and scrapes on the dashboard and wheels are considered normal wear and tear. Small pits on the windshield and three or fewer dings per body panel are also considered normal wear; if the windshield has begun to crack or your car has a body panel with many dents and scratches, you may incur wear-and-tear charges.

When you schedule your inspection, an agent will visit you at your home or place of work and give the car an overview. We'll gladly work with your insurance to help minimize your out-of-pocket costs for any excessive wear we find.

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Why Choose Byers Volkswagen in Columbus?

For more than a century, the Byers family has been meeting the transportation needs of the entire Columbus area, including New Albany and Upper Arlington. Today, our Volkswagen dealership is one of the biggest VW dealers in Ohio! That means you'll always find a great selection of new and pre-owned VW cars. Best of all, our talented service team is with you every step of the way, to keep your new Volkswagen in great shape. You'll find our showroom at 401 North Hamilton Road, Columbus OH 43213. Ask about our price match guarantee!