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Leasing a vehicle from Byers Volkswagen is an excellent option for many drivers. You may be uncertain about what exactly happens at the end of your leasing period and at Byers Volkswagen, we want to make your experience as easy as possible, whether that be purchasing a vehicle or leasing it. This is why we have taken the time to break down the options you have as your lease comes to an end. Keep reading to learn more about how our team at Byers Volkswagen can assist you at the end of your lease. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Byers Volkswagen.

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Should You Purchase Your Lease or Choose A New Model to Lease?

Leasing gives drivers the flexibility to experience the newest models Volkswagen has to offer without the commitment of purchasing the vehicle. As your lease ends, you may decide you'd like to keep the vehicle you are leasing. This is a common experience; many drivers discover they have enjoyed driving the vehicle and want to purchase it once the lease has ended. While this is not the perfect option for everyone, it does come with the impressive benefit of monthly payments similar to your lease payments. But that's not all; there will likely be time left on the vehicle manufacturer warranties that will roll over once you own the vehicle.

As your lease ends, you may have no interest in buying the vehicle; you can simply end your lease and move on. If you seek the exciting experience of the features our new Volkswagen models have to offer, rolling over into a new lease might be a great option for you. When you decide to lease, you typically have lower payments than you would have from financing a vehicle. Whether you decide to purchase the vehicle, start a new lease, or simply end your lease, we are here to guide you through the transition at Byers Volkswagen.

Do Not Forget About the End of Lease Inspection

Regardless of your plans, once your lease ends, your vehicle will undergo an end of lease inspection. During the assessment, we will examine the interior to check for stains and tears and look at the exterior for any damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear. Don't worry if your leased vehicle has a few scuffs, these small things are considered normal and won't count against you. We will also take a look at the maintenance history, which is why we recommend you stay on top of the routine maintenance of your leased vehicle. At Byers Volkswagen, when you bring your vehicle in for the end of lease inspection, we will work with your insurance to try and minimize your out of pocket cost if any issues are discovered. If you have any questions as your lease comes to an end, do not hesitate to reach out to speak to one of our team members.

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We Make Leasing Easy at Byers Volkswagen

If you have received your 90-day end-of-lease notice, there is no need to panic. This just means it's time to reach out to our friendly team at Byers Volkswagen. We make the leasing experience easy to begin and end. Whether you started your lease with us or with another dealership, our team can help you with the end of lease process. Since we are a member of the Byers family, there is a chance we can also accept the return of other brand leased vehicles. We have worked to make the leasing process as easy as possible, which is why we invite you to experience our simple process. If you have any questions about how to end your lease at Byers Volkswagen or want to schedule an appointment, feel free to give us a call or use our online appointment scheduling tool.