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Leasing a Volkswagen is a great option for many drivers, but when it comes to the end of the leasing period there can be uncertainty about what happens next. We know there can be many questions and concerns surrounding the process of leasing, so at Byers Volkswagen we have taken the time to demystify the process. Keep reading to learn more about what our team at Byers Volkswagen can offer as your lease comes to an end.

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Should You Buy the Car at the End of the Lease or Lease a New Model?

Leasing can be an exciting journey for drivers. It allows you the flexibility to explore the newest models Volkswagen has to offer, without the commitment of forever. As your lease comes to an end, you may discover you want to keep the vehicle. This is not uncommon as many drivers who lease decide to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term. While purchasing the vehicle is not the ideal option for everyone, it does come with some perks such as monthly payments that are similar to your lease payment. In the case of Volkswagen models, there will likely be time left on the manufacturer warranties. If you are not interested in buying the vehicle, no worries, you can end the lease and move on.

If you like to experience the newest features that Volkswagen models have to offer, leasing a newer vehicle is the best choice for you. Typically, lease payments are lower than financing a new vehicle, so you get the perks of a new ride with a lower price. When your lease ends, the choice to purchase the vehicle or start a new lease is entirely up to you. Feel free to chat about your end of lease options with one of our experienced team members at Byers Volkswagen, we're always happy to help you.

There is an End of Lease Inspection

Regardless if you plan to lease a newer model, or purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease, there will be an end of lease inspection of the car. During the inspection, we will look at the quality of the upholstery (tears and stains), dents larger than two inches, and anything that goes beyond normal wear and tear a vehicle acquires during normal use. If your vehicle has a few dings and scuffs, don't worry. Those minor defects are considered normal. The inspection will also glance at the maintenance history, which is why we recommend keeping up with the routine maintenance of your leased vehicle at our service center. One of the perks of bringing your lease vehicles to Byers Vokswagen for the end of lease inspection is if any issues are found during the inspection process, we will work with your insurance company to minimize your out of pocket cost. We're here to make your lease experience not only easy but enjoyable!

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Why Should You Bring Your Lease Volkswagen to Byers?

If you've gotten a 90-day end of lease notice, it's time to give us a call at Byers Volkswagen. We make the lease experience easy; you can bring your vehicle to our dealership even if you started your lease elsewhere. If you didn't like your last dealership, or are new to the area, feel free to return your lease to Byers Volkswagen. We can take care of almost any VW lease return and since we are a member of the Byers family, there is a high possibility we can accept the return of leases from other major automotive brands. We have made the lease process easy and stress free so come experience our simple process at Byers Volkswagen.  If you have questions about this process, you can give us a call or schedule an appointment online.