New Volkswagen Car Model Research Information in Columbus, OH

Researching to find the right car that fits your wants and needs can be a headache. Even if you've narrowed down your choices to a Volkswagen model, there is still a range of car models to choose from. What each brings to the table? Which Volkswagen car model is the most efficient? Which has the most space? Which is the fastest? We've got the answers to that and more in our model research and comparison pages, below.

Here, you'll find our model information and comparison pages for Volkswagen cars. We break down the key specifications and features of new Volkswagen car models like the Jetta, Passat, Arteon, and more. We also compare these new Volkswagen cars against each other as well as with their competition so you can see for yourself how they stack up. Whether you're in the market for a luxurious sedan, an efficient compact, or a versatile hatchback, Volkswagen has a model for you and we've got the details on it, below.

Is 2022 The Last Volkswagen Passat?

Perhaps the biggest news for Volkswagen in 2022 is that nearly 50 years after the first-ever Volkswagen Passat left the factory, the 2022 Volkswagen Passat will be the final edition of the iconic Volkswagen sedan. It's sad to see the great sedan go, but Volkswagen is sending the Passat off with style in 2022 with the Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition, which will include exclusive exterior and interior details that evoke the history of the Passat as will as honor the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant that built the Volkswagen Passat for its entire existence. As an homage to its 1973 debut, Volkswagen will produce 1,973 2022 Passat models.

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