New Volkswagen Electric Model Research Information in Columbus, OH

The electric vehicle market seems to only grow bigger each year as more drivers choose to ditch the gas pumps for a rechargeable EV. Whether you want an electric vehicle because you want to go green for the environment, are just sick of paying high gas prices, or simply think they're cool, a Volkswagen electric vehicle is an outstanding option. Researching new electric vehicles can be a difficult process, which is why we put together the latest model research and comparison pages for electric Volkswagen models.

To learn more about the latest electric Volkswagen models and how they compare to similar models from top competitors, you've come to the right place. On this page you'll find in-depth reviews and comparisons of Volkswagen electric vehicles like the Volkswagen ID.4, the all-electric crossover that made its worldwide debut in 2021 to world-wide acclaim with its long-range capability and bold design. To learn more about Volkswagen electric models, read our research pages, below.

The Future of Volkswagen is Electric

Some believe that the future of the automotive industry is electric, and while some brands are simply dipping their toes into electric vehicle models, Volkswagen is jumping right in and aiming to make a splash. The ID.4 is the first of what Volkswagen plans to be many electric vehicle models under the ID nameplate in the coming years. Details are sparse right now, but Volkswagen has released a range of electric concept vehicles that could find their way onto the road soon like the ID.BUZZ, which blends the iconic Volkswagen bus design with a futuristic blend and all-electric capability.

Check back on this page as we update it with more research pages of Volkswagen electric vehicles as they become available so you can get the key details and information of Volkswagen electric models.