New Volkswagen SUV Model Research Information in Columbus, OH

You may relate Volkswagen mainly to cars in your mind, but the brand is so much more than that. Volkswagen SUVs are a powerhouse all their own, with exclusive and inviting features that draw you in to the epitome of comfort. Discover why VW SUVs are a better choice for you with these handy research and comparison pages. Not only are Volkswagen SUVs built to provide more space, but they don't skimp on quality performance and top of the line amenities that cannot be matched by their competitors. It's an overwhelming process to narrow down all your options when it comes to SUVs, and we're here to help eliminate the headaches at Byers Volkswagen. Our insightful comparison and research pages are made to help you see things in black and white, and we've done the work for you so all you have to do is peruse the website to see how Volkswagen dominates the competition.

We know you're considering a VW, and we're so excited to bring you into the family. We're proud of the exquisite engineering behind our astounding brand, and we showcase the Volkswagen legacy here in our comparison and research pages, pitting VW against other brands so you can see how we stack up against the competition. Once you've had a chance to see how Volkswagen handles the heat, see how each of our top-notch models compare to each other. The SUV lineup is expansive from compact to subcompact, large, and even crossover models; there's a lot to choose from and consider. Once you've narrowed down what type of SUV you've got your heart set on, come into our dealership and see how it handles beneath your fingertips. Without the headache of doing all this search on your own, you'll get to the test drive portion of car shopping that much faster.

New to the Family: The Volkswagen Taos

2022 is the year of new for Volkswagen. Entering the lineup is the debut Taos, offering an exciting new chapter in the Volkswagen SUV division. This subcompact crossover is almost the same size as a VW Tiguan. But don't let the subcompact design fool you; there's space aplenty inside housing enough room for a full load of passengers to travel comfortably and in style. The 2022 Taos is roaring and ready to make a name for itself with a bold original design. Consider the 2022 VW Taos if you're searching for a new compact crossover that's got ample room for passengers and cargo alike so you never have to sacrifice space or comfort. If you're ready to give the 2022 Taos a test drive come see us at Byers Volkswagen and give this brand new model a spin today.