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The precision German engineering behind every Volkswagen model is the stuff of legends thanks to precise calculations and long-lasting engineering. However, there are a few matters of maintenance that you should be aware of. Among these is the importance of maintaining proper wheel alignment. Regardless of how well your Volkswagen was made, today's roadways can take their toll on any vehicle. In fact, the wheels on your VW can get knocked out of alignment and you might not even know it. That's why we recommend swinging by an authorized service center like ours about twice a year to have our factory-trained technicians check your vehicle's wheel alignment. If all is well, you'll be on the road with the confidence that everything is as it should be. If your wheels aren't properly aligned, then we'll be able to get that fixed for you.

What Does Wheel Alignment Mean?

In short, wheel alignment means that each wheel is in line with the other and that both front wheels are properly lined up with the steering wheel. Typically, this is a problem with the front wheels since they do all the turning, but in certain rare instances, the rear wheels can fall out of alignment with each other and with the front wheels as well. Each wheel can fall out of alignment in three different ways: camber, caster, and toe. Camber measures the wheel position in relation to the road, caster measures the angle of the wheel in relation to the vehicle's specific steering axis, and the toe measures the direction that the wheel is rolling. Only issues with the Caster cause a vehicle to not track straight down the road. That means you could be driving on wheels with a misaligned Camber and/or toe and not know there's an issue short of getting an inspection or noticing that your tires aren't wearing evenly.

What Kind of Alignment

What Type Of Alignment Does Your VW Need?

The best way to answer this question is to take precise measurements with a VW alignment machine. The internet will tell you various things you can do, from taking measurements with a tape to running a stringline. However, none of these home-methods are going to get you as accurate or optimized results as our trained technicians will.

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Wheels Misaligned

How Do You Know If Your VW Needs Alignment?

The best way is to include an alignment check every couple oil changes or about twice per year. If the caster is out of alignment, you might notice that the vehicle wants to pull in one direction or the other when steering straight down the road. If the toe or camber is out, you may not notice any symptoms until you need new tires for excessive wear on just one edge. While you might not notice it, misaligned wheels can also negatively affect handling.

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Alignment Specials

Volkswagen Four-Wheel Alignment Service Special Coupon

Four-Wheel Alignment

$125.00 Sedans | $150.00 SUVs

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Recommended Every 12 Months

Includes inspection of the front & rear suspension/steering components, adjustment of toe-in, camber and caster if applicable.

Schedule Your VW Wheel Alignment In Columbus, OH

If you're not sure about when you last had the alignment in your VW checked, we invite you to swing by our Volkswagen service center to have one of our alignment technicians look things over. These inspections are affordable, quick, and convenient. If your wheels do need to be aligned we can typically take care of it quickly since the vehicle is already hooked up to the calibrating machine. Give us a call or swing by our authorized Volkswagen service center to learn more.

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