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Being able to bring your vehicle to a safe and reliable stop, no matter what is happening on the road in front of you, is why your brakes are the most important safety system in your vehicle. Fortunately, today's Volkswagen brake systems are about as reliable as anything on a car can get, and it really doesn't take much to keep them that way. Below, you'll find a bit more information on your car's overall brake system and the three main components that make them work. If you have any questions or think it might be about time for a factory-trained expert to look over the brakes on your VW, give us a call or swing by our service center at Byers Volkswagen.


VW Brake Services

Brake Inspection

How Do The Brakes On Your Car Work?

Modern VW brake systems are hydraulic with some electronic controls. When you press the brake pedal, that force is transferred through a hydraulic system that then applies an amplified force to the brake caliper, which squeezes brake pads against the brake rotor that's attached to your wheel. The resulting hydraulic clamp will slow the wheel. In emergency braking situations, an electronic anti-lock brake controller will quickly cycle braking pressure so the wheels don't lock up and skid out of control.

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Brake Pads

Brake Pads

When you trust a certified VW service center like ours, the occasional replacement of brake pads should be close to the only brake maintenance you need to worry about. Modern VW brake pads are long lasting and precisely fit between the brake calipers and the rotors. Since this clamping force is so great, the brake pads will wear away a little bit each time. The important thing here is to make sure the brake pads get replaced before they wear all the way out. Usually, you'll hear a squeal from your brakes before that happens.

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Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

Unlike the brake pads, brake rotors are typically solid steel and shouldn't need to be replaced very often. You may be able to see these steel discs when looking through the alloy wheels. If the rotors are exposed to excessive heat or certain emergency braking situations, they may need to be resurfaced. If the brake system hasn't been properly maintained, you may end up needing to replace the brake rotors.

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Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake Fluid

Most automotive brake systems rely on a specialized hydraulic fluid that has been approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), and your vehicle likely requires a certain DOT rating. The brake fluid in most modern VW models should last for many miles, but nothing lasts forever. Speak with one of our service advisors for a brake fluid change schedule that's right for your VW.

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Brake Specials

Volkswagen Brake Pad Replacement Service Special Coupon

Brake Pad Replacement Service

$50.00 OFF Per Axle

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Recommended Every 25,000 - 50,000 Miles

Includes: Pads or linings replacement. Check calipers, hoses, and hardware. Inspect master cylinder. Replenish brake fluid. Examine tire for irregular wear.

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Sure, you could roll the dice with one of those franchise car repair places, but we'd like to show you a better way. Schedule an appointment online or in person at our factory-authorized Volkswagen service center for affordable prices and quality work with OEM parts. We look forward to seeing you at Byers Volkswagen.

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