What Happens When Your Lease Ends?

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While leasing a new Vokswagen is a great option for many drivers, we understand that the end of lease term can get a little confusing. Byers Volkswagen is here to help make that period as stress-free as possible, no matter if you’re planning on buying your current car or leasing another new VW. Whichever option you choose, we’re here to help navigate you through the process and make it as simple as we can. Below you’ll see we have taken the time to break down the choices you have when your lease comes to an end. Our expert team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have whether you stop in, contact us by phone, or online.

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Purchasing Your Current Ride vs Continuing to Lease: What You Should Know

Ease and flexibility is one of the many benefits of leasing a new vehicle; this includes the option to purchase the car you’re currently in. It’s not uncommon to lease a new vehicle only to discover it has everything you need and you can’t imagine parting with it when your term comes due. If you decide to travel this path, you’ll be pleased to know that your monthly payments will be similar to the payments you had while leasing. In addition, you receive the added benefit of your vehicle manufacturer warranty rolling over, as long as there is time left on it. This means you and your vehicle are till protected.

If your lease comes to an end and you decide this vehicle isn’t for you, you have the option to simply end your lease. More often than not, customers who lease choose to upgrade to a newer model; if that’s where your interests lie, Byers Volkswagen is here to help you move forward with that plan. When you choose the option of leasing you will typically see lower monthly payments than you would if you chose to finance the vehicle. No matter which choice you deem best for you, our expert team at Byers Volkswagen is here to help you navigate the transition.

Learn More About the End of Lease Inspection

Regardless of which end-of-lease option you choose, your vehicle will go through a thorough inspection. This assessment will include examining the interior to check for any tears or stains on the upholstery that exceeds your normal wear and tear. It’s okay to have minor scuffs; they won’t be counted against you. We also look into your maintenance history, another good reason to stay on top of your scheduled routine service. Our technicians do their best to minimize your out of pocket cost if any issues happen to be discovered. If your lease is ending soon and you have questions or concerns about the condition of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us at Byers Volkswagen.

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We’re Here to Make Leasing Stress-Free for You

Receiving your 90-day end-of-lease notice is nothing to panic over; this is just our way to reach out to you and let you know it’s approaching. That way you have plenty of time to reach out to our expert team here at Byers Volkswagen. We’re here to make your leasing journey as easy as possible from the beginning to the end. Even if you didn’t start the leasing process with us, we can still assist you through the end-of-lease process and being a member of the large Byers family, it’s possible that we can even accept the return of other brand leased vehicles. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the end-of-lease process or would like to schedule an appointment, reach out to us online, over the phone, or simply stop into our dealership. We’re always here to help you.

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